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Friday, 15 August 2008

Club day on September 13

The season will kick off with a club day on Saturday, September 13 when the following matches will take place.

OCHC Under 25 v OCHC Over 25
3rd XI v 4th XI
A mixed six-a-side tournament with the aim of having a player from each team in each six-a-side teams but maybe seven-a-side with two ladies in each team - to be selected on the day.

In addition, there will be a barbeque and the bar will be open throughout. As if that wasn’t enough, the AGM of the club will be held at 1.45pm.

Full details will follow on email.

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Minutes of committee meeting 14-08-2008

Minutes of the committee meeting held at the OC Club on August 14, 2008.

David Knapp (Club Captain); Dodie Khurshid (Secretary); Jackie Joyce (Ladies Captain); Helen Hawes (Ladies Vice Captain); Rob Merry (2XI Captain); Nige Hawes (3XI Captain); Rosie Marriott (Mixed Captain)

Apologies: Tim Cook (Club President); Martin Williamson (Treasurer); Andy Eve (Fixtures Secretary); Eds Copleston (1XI Captain); Dominic Tucker (4XI) and others

1) Date for the AGM It was agreed that the AGM of the OCHC will be held at 1.45 pm on the Club Day, Saturday 13 September 2008.

2) Composition of the Committee for the 2008-09 Season Subject to confirmation at the AGM, it was agreed that the composition of the Committee for the 2008-09 season would be as follows:

Club President: Tim Cook
Club Captain: David Knapp
Secretary: Dodie Khurshid
Treasurer: Martin Williamson
Fixtures: Andy Eve
Ladies Captain: Jackie Joyce, Helen Hawes
1st XI Captain: Eds Copleston, Stuart Ripley
2nd XI Captain: Rob Merry, Paul Acutt
3rd XI Captain: Nige Hawes
4th XI Captain: Dom Tucker
Vets Captain: Wade Pollard, Andy Eve
Mixed Captain: Rosie Marriott

Up-to-date contact details are to be provided to the Secretary (; Martin to update website

3) Accounts The Treasurer had finalised the accounts for the year ending 30 April 2008 and reported that a healthy surplus had been made, which would be used to bolster the Club’s reserves. The main reason for the improvement over the previous year was the success achieved in the collection of subscriptions. Captains are asked to continue the good work this season.

4) Subscriptions In view of the healthy surplus made during the 2007-08 year, it was agreed that subscriptions will be £375.00, being reduced to £275.00 if paid by October 31 or proof is produced regarding the direct debit. Anyone not paying by November 30 will be not allowed to play for the club until the sub is paid. For those paying three instalments by direct debit on 1 October, 1 December and 1 February.

The sum of £250 was inclusive of all match fees and the cost of a white Club shirt (following the success of the distribution of blue Club shirts last season). The rate applied to all members of the Club without exception, save only that it was agreed that subscriptions for goalkeepers would be reduced to £125 in view of their high kit costs.

The subscription rate for those not paying a lump sum by the end of October or in instalments by direct debit would increase to £375.

5) Teams The Club would be running four men’s sides, one ladies’ side and one veterans side during the coming season, all of which would play in a league. Following a successful summer league, a mixed side would also be playing some friendly matches.

Whilst a number of new players had been attracted to the Club, there was a continuing need to attract more. David and Rob had been liaising with the school. There was a need to target Kingston University.

6) Club Day The Club will be held on Saturday 13 September 2008. The bar will be open and there will be a BBQ. Bouncy castles will be hired for children.

In order to promote ties with school leavers and other young players, it was agreed that a men’s over 25s v under 25s match should be played, starting at 12 noon. The Club AGM will then be held at 1.45 pm.

In order to promote Club integration, it was further agreed that a 6 a side tournament should also be held, starting as soon after 2 pm as the AGM permits. Each 6 a side team is to comprise of one player from each of the Club’s 6 sides. Captains of the Club sides are to check availability, but teams are to be chosen on the day.

Eds/Rob to organise sides

Captains to promote and confirm availability

7) Socials As last year, the Social Committee will consist of one player from each of the Club’s sides. Nick Lewis, Daffy and Nina would be asked to represent the 1st XI, 2nd XI and Ladies’ XI respectively. The remaining team Captains are to seek out willing members of the Committee from their teams.

Whilst the precise timing and format of social events would be left to the Social Committee, it was thought that four dates should be chosen and then advertised widely, including on the website to include, in addition to the Club Day and an end of season dinner, a race night at TD on 18 October.

As regards costs, it was proposed to charge a flat fee of £15 per social or £25 for a player and his or her partner. £10 from all subscriptions would also go into the social kitty. By way of incentives, it was agreed that two free jugs of beer or the like should be given to the team that sells the most tickets for each social. It was noted that the Rugby Club and UCL Academicals should be invited to attend appropriate socials.

Captains to nominate reps

Social Committee to organise socials

8) Tour It was agreed that, following the successful revival of the Mixed side, a Mixed tour should be organised to take place during the period May to July 2009. Once details were available, player would be asked to indicate their interest and to secure a place with a modest deposit. Dodie to research options

9) Sponsorship and Other Revenue It was agreed that the Club should hold a raffle for the chance to be the Club’s sponsor the coming season with advertising on the website, at the ground and so forth. Each Club side would be asked to sell a minimum of two tickets at a cost of £200. The draw is to take place at the race night social to be held on 18 October.

It was also agreed that the 100 Club needed to be revived and that players needed to be encouraged to join. Captains to promote and David to revive.

10) Training Training will be on Wednesdays, starting on 10 September.

11) Kit The Club colours are: blue and orange (home) or white (away) shirts, white shorts, blue socks with orange and white rings. Every player is required to play in the Club colours and the new style blue and white shirts in particular during the 2008-09. Kit enquiries are to be addressed to Helen Hawes ( Helen to liaise with Alison and Martin

12) Teas It was agreed that there would be no change to the position with respect to teas.

13) Improvement Works to TD The improvement works that had been undertaken to TD, in particular with respect to the showers, were welcomed.

It was noted that the backboard of one of the (new) goals had been damaged and needed to be repaired. It was also noted that the cabling to the astroturf floodlights had been exposed in places and needed to be reburied. Some bulbs in the floodlights also needed to be replaced. Martin to speak with Ed Breton

14) Umpiring The role played by umpires within the Club was acknowledged. In order to relieve the burden on them, it was agreed that each player in the 1XI, 2XI and 3XI would be required to umpire 2 matches during the season (one either side of Christmas) for other sides in the Club. Captains will ask players for preferred dates and these will be circulated to other team Captains.

It was anticipated that there would be an increase in interest on the part of players to qualify as umpires. Jane Binner runs a course a various times during the year. It was agreed that the Club would cover the cost of any player enrolling on that course. Captains to check availability

15) Discipline After some disappointing years, discipline over the last two seasons had improved greatly. This was to be encouraged again this season. The Club will not tolerate bad language or abusive behaviour towards umpires or anyone else. Transgressions will be reported to the Committee, as will any yellow or red cards.

A yellow card for dissent will be punished by a requiring the player to umpire a further game during the season for one of the other sides in the Club. Subsequent yellow cards for dissent will be punished in the same way plus a £10 fine.

16) Choice Quotes “I’ve been trying to suck that” – Nige.
“Everyone will have balls” – David.

17) Next Meeting The next meeting shall take place in early September, date to be advised.

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